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AI + Deep Technology

Artificial intelligence +deep technology

At present, the humanity is gradually moving towards the era of intelligence and new technologies. New businesses are also widely using AI technology (face recognition, machine learning, etc.) BroadMesse integrates AI technology with offline display to deliver a new and distinctive experience to the visitors. Its original Intelligent Cloud Box and BM intelligent navigation system break through the three major difficulties of perception end, network end and navigation end, and connect offline exhibition items, data and visitors by presenting a new experience mode, which integrates the senses of vision, hearing, smell and touch.

5G+ Interactive experience

5G+ Interactive experience

BroadMesse integrates 5g with Broadmesse Metaverse, combines visual creativity, sensory recognition and multidimensional experience with the IoT, thus expanding people's understanding and experience in the time and space dimensions, and gradually opening the door of the new age intelligent world to the general public

Big data

Big data

The completion of the venue is only the beginning. The later operation can give the venue even greater value. Data collection and analysis can objectively reflect the operation statistics and provide useful reference for operators. BroadMesse intelligent integrated visitors tracking system uses advanced face detection technology and edge computing technology to obtain, analyze and display visitors' visit data. These quantified big data can form statistical reports, provide real-time visualization display, and deliver a complete set of big data solutions for venue display. At the same time, it has a simple and easy-to-use content management platform, which can be used with the museum's own service platform .

Cloud computing and block chain

Cloud computing and blockchain

Cloud computing and related services provide dynamic, scalable and often virtualized resources through the Internet. BroadMesse smart cloud system has the ability of multi-target recognition and one-level cloud recognition. It can manage and detect cloud based images, videos and algorithms, realize centralized activation and expansion, centralized operation management and other functions. It is effectively combined with the block chain to fully protect the uniqueness of customer information resources, and provide high-speed access and storage redundancy of target resources.

Mobile displaying platform

Mobile displaying platform

Mobile display involves providing a three-dimensional virtual experience of 720 degree indoor tour with a wide and original experience through mobile Internet. It helps the visitors easily get the mobile phone exhibition experience, which has the characteristics of smooth, seamless and efficient immersion. In combination with wireless, positioning, storage and Internet push technology, the exhibition hall and user service can be realized. During the visit, the current location of the user will be located and the nearby information will be actively provided to the visitors. The information is stored in the smart box to provide high-speed access. Its powerful access ability and distributed storage capability provide users with a convenient, cheap and smooth experience environment.

Cultural tourism and science

Cultural tourism and science

BroadMesse uses cultural tourism technology to build the first innovative smart tourism brand in China, creatively integrating concepts such as "cloud technology platform" and "intelligent perception" into tourism projects, and creating a national big data cloud tourism pavilion. BroadMesse gathers the essence of world tourism resources, and opens a new chapter of innovative tourism.

Art installation and digital art

Art installation and digital art

Technology gives us new means of presentation, immersive artistic devices and digital art expression, which brings us amazing and exciting artistic experiences. When we are in the art scene being able to hear, see and even touch, the art no longer feels far away from us, and it becomes a special experience moment for everyone to embrace.

Multimedia content and hardware integration

Multimedia content and hardware integration

Film content

BroadMesse uses two-dimensional and three-dimensional digital technology and video shooting, integrates audio-visual language applications such as music and editing, and quickly brings customers' ideas to life through pictures and images.

Software interaction

BroadMesse makes full use of the experience of interaction design to customize the interaction program for visitors and to communicate with the audience through different channels.

BroadMesse is a metaverse ,immersive experience and all kinds of exhibition solution provider for permanent museums, showrooms ,tradefairs,and industrial applications. With our first-class scientific and technological R&D strength and more than 500 designers, we focus on metaverse culture spaces, VR / AR / XR, 5G, AI, big data, digital film and TV making, performing arts, digital cultural tourism, expos, exhibitions, festivals, and a large number of international cultural and creative IP, which ensures a very high customer satisfaction.

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